Product features

  • Faster Processor (216MHz) and Twice the RAM (512KB) - vs previous Pixhawk
  • Internal IMU Cushioning Allows Direct-Mounting of the Autopilot (M2 threads)
  • Includes Pixhawk4 GNSS(u-blox NEO-M8N)/Compass/LED/Safety Switch Module and Power Management Board
  • Data-ready signals from sensors are routed to individual interrupt and timer pins on the autopilot, enabling precise time-stamping for logged data
  • First Pixhawk based on the FMUv5 Standard

Product description

The Pixhawk4 is the latest update in the PX4 (Pixhawk) series of open hardware autopilots. It delivers incredible performance, flexibility, and reliability for controlling any autonomous vehicle.

Features and Specifications:
FMU Processor: STM32F765 (ARM Cortex-M7, 216MHz, 2MB SRAM, 512KB RAM)
IO Processor: STM32F100 (ARM Cortex-M3, 24MHz, 8KB SRAM)
IMU1: TDK InvenSense ICM-20689
IMU2: Bosch Sensortec BMI055
Magnetometer: iSentek IST8310
Barometer: MEAS MS5611

GNSS Unit: u-blox NEO-M8N GPS/GLONASS/Galileo GNSS and IST8310 mag

8-16 PWM servo outputs (8 from IO, 8 from FMU)
3 PWM/Capture inputs on FMU
RC input for (C)PPM, Spektrum/DSM, and S.Bus with RSSI
S.Bus servo output
5 serial ports: 2 w/HW flow control, 1 rated 1.5A
3 I2C ports
4 SPI Buses: 1 int high-speed SPI sensor bus w/4 CS and 6 DRDYs, 1 int LN SPI bus for Barometer w/2 CS; no DRDYs, 1 int SPI bus supports SPI calibration EEPROM on sensor, 1 ext SPI bus
2 CANBuses for dual CAN w/serial ESC
2 sets of inputs for voltage/current monitoring
2 additional analog inputs

Pixhawk4 Max input voltage: 6V
Power module input: up to 50VDC Max (12S)
Power module output: 4.9~5.5V
Max current sensing: 120A
Max Servo Rail Power Input: 36V
Controller Size: 44x84x12mm, 16g

What's in the box?
Pixhawk4, GNSS, and PM07 Board
4GB SanDisk MicroSD card
I2C splitter
GNSS stand w/70 and 140mm rods
6x3 and 8x3 pin headers
Full cable set as pictured
Quick Start Guides
PX4 firmware installed
Works with ArduPilot (ArduCopter, ArduPlane, etc)

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